Pocket Knife Army

Pocket Knife Army – Electro Pop Noir

  Hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands, Pocket Knife Army is the project of Desirée Coumans (vocals, looper, acoustic guitar) and Erwin Tuijl (synths and programming, electric guitar). They’ve created a style of their own by[…]


Gras – Dreamy Dutch songs (2011)

  Gras was the production graduation project of Desirée in 2011 when she graduated from the Conservatory of Utrecht. She decided to combine her love for Dutch poems and popmusic in a 30 minute album[…]

bathroom sessions

Bathroom Session – Little Experiment

  I wrote two songs and wanted to record them, so I placed one microphone in my bathroom en recorded these songs straight to a tape recorder. The tracks you hear are unedited and not[…]